What is eBikeMaps ?

(last edited 09/12/15)

You already have an eBike? Great, eBikeMaps is for you !

You don’t have an eBike yet? Great, eBikeMaps is also for you !

Plan trip tool screenshot

Screenshot of the “Plan trip” interface on eBikeMaps


So what is eBikeMaps?

It was first a simple tool developed by Maël, an everyday eBike user, in order to answer the following question: where can I go with my eBike without running out of battery?

Quickly we realized that it was in the interest of everyone to be able to use this tool. And as soon as it was decided to make it public, the need for new features and options just kept increasing… and it still does.

So what can you do with eBikeMaps today?

  • If you already have an eBike:

You can plan eBike trips taking into account the real characteristics of your eBike, your characteristics as a cyclist, and the detailed characteristics of the trip (distance, elevation). To sum it up it’s a personalized eBike trip planning tool which gives you essential information about the trip you are planning to do (remaining battery level, travel time, …).

  • If you do not have an eBike:

Then you can use eBikeMaps to help you decide which eBike is right for you.

1) Use our “eBike suggestion” tool: by defining your biking needs in a few clicks, we can compute a list of eBikes which are made for you. This is a first rough refining which will help you see which type of eBikes can fit your needs (results are more precise if you are logged in and using the personalized eBike suggestion tool)

eBike suggestion tool

eBike suggestion tool

2) Use our “Compare eBikes” tool: choose two eBikes in the public gallery, and compare them for the same trip. This tool allows a precise comparison between two eBike models that interest you.

eBike comparison tool

eBike comparison tool


But eBikeMaps is much more…

  • Load your own GPS  tracks

Do you track your trips when riding you bike or eBike? or have GPS traces from public trips?

Well you can upload them very easily (on the “Plan trip” page) on eBikeMaps and therefore


  • Add public and private Point Of Interests (POIs) on the map

Adding POIs on eBikeMaps can be of different uses. First of all you can add the places where you regularly go (home, work, etc) in order to plan your trips easily by simply clicking on the POI of your chosen destination.

Secondly you can add public POIs that can be interest for anyone else of the eBikeMaps community. For example, any places where one can easily charge his eBike battery. It can be a bike shop, a restaurant, an hotel…

The more public POIs will be present on eBikeMaps, the easier it will be for members to plan their trip, and do longer trips than their battery allows them without recharging. So if you know nice places around you, add them to eBikeMaps.


  • Make an eBike model request if you don’t find your model in the public gallery

On eBikeMaps you will find a public gallery of eBikes. Of course it is impossible to have an exhaustive gallery (there are thousands and thousands of eBike models out there).

Therefore, if you don’t see your model in the gallery, and are not confident in adding it yourself, then simply make a model request (as precise as possible) and will be glad to add the model for you. We’ve already fulfilled dozens of model requests, so don’t hesitate.


  • More and more community features

We think eBikeMaps is a nice place for gathering a community, but a community comes only if there are community tools. This is why you will find many community features on eBikeMaps: private discussions between members, a “hall of fame”, members public profile pages, etc.

Many new features will be added in the following months, so if you would like to see one in particular, simply contact us and leave us your thoughts.


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